Started getting my hair cut more often:

  • Keeps me feeling fresh; small reminder to not get sloppy.
  • Great way to help me get out of my comfort zone and talk with strangers. Barbers (/hairs stylists?) are pretty great conversationalists; it's pretty much a part of their job! They'll strike up the conversation, it's the least I can do to keep it going. I'm terrible at small talk so I should make good use of this opportunity to practice. 
  • Teaches me to speak up for myself. If I'm not happy with how it looks, I just have to speak up! The stylist wants to make me happy but they can't read my mind. If I want them to adjust something, I just have to tell them. In the past, i would just let it go (hair grows back!) but I think it's better to be assertive in these types of situations. 

Today's stylist was Kim. I never schedule with the same stylist; each one has their own personal flair or favored technique and I think it's kind of fun to get something a little different each time. Hair grows back!