For the First Time In Forever

For the first time in 5 years of college, I'm actually pretty excited about the classes I'm taking next autumn. After this semester, I'll have completed my graduation requirements. However, instead of graduating, I've decided to stay another year. My scholarship is good for two more semesters and I'm not even close to finding a job so this seems like a good way to buy me a little more time, develop skills from classes that I'm actually interested in, and live a college life that I feel like I've missed out on the past 5 years. For the first time in forever, I at least have an inkling of what I want to do. I've been so aimless and unmotivated and depressed up until now, it's such a relief to have even a little direction for at least a year. For the first time in my college career, I actually scheduled my own classes. How is that possible?

Well, in the first couple years, my classes were pretty much completely determined by whichever track I was in. The adviser would tell me exactly which classes I needed and then I would just take them. I was completely disinterested so I just followed the paper that I was given. After that,  I bounced from major to major not knowing what I wanted, completely lost. Scheduling classes filled me with dread and anxiety so Elean would schedule for me. I'm grateful to her for making sure I was in the classes I needed to complete my major and fulfill my requirements. Now that those requirements are filled, I get to spend a year just taking classes that I want to take. And just that feeling of wanting is exciting. I've never even a little wanted to take a class before. This is huge for me; truly a blessing from God. 

For the first time in forever, I think I kinda sorta know what I want. :D

For the first time in forever, I think I kinda sorta know what I want. :D

The Plan

My original plan was to use the extra year to complete a Computer Science minor alongside a couple Design classes. I think that learning a programming language will be a useful, substantive skill applicable to a wide variety of possible jobs that I'd be interested in. Meanwhile, Design is a subject that I've always been interested in and I could also see it being a useful complement to my Communication major. However, I found out that, due to prerequisites, it is impossible to complete a Computer Science minor in just 2 semesters. Therefore, I'm going to do the inverse: complete a Design minor alongside a couple Computer Science classes. 

Other minors I considered but ultimately decided against: 

  • Business - I already have many of the requirements but I've also already completed an Economics minor so I feel like I won't get much more out of a Business minor nor will it make my resume more well-rounded than a Computer Science or Design minor. Majoring in business would have been great. Minoring in it, not as much.
  • Professional Writing - I strongly considered this one purely because one of the classes places you in an internship writing for companies like the Columbus Dispatch. Seems like a really good opportunity. However, I have none of the requirements, I'd have a really heavy workload, and all the classes sound really, really boring. To be honest, I don't have the confidence in myself to be able to succeed in it. Besides, I think I should have learned my lesson about forcing myself into classes that I have no interest in. I could force myself to suffer just to bank on the hope of this internship being worth it, or I can actually enjoy myself taking Design and CSE classes while having free time for Manna and other things. I'm looking into writing for a sporting news/entertainment website over the course of next year. If no one likes my work, I'll build my portfolio by getting serious with sports blogging on my own.
  • Chinese - nah. Actually learning the language is more important than completing a minor in it. I can learn Chinese without a minor. 
  • Statistics - Sounds like it could really be useful. But then I remembered slogging through math and stats classes earlier in my college career and nope'd right out of this idea. 
  • Video Arts - I'm really interested in film editing but it's harder for me to see the usefulness of completing a minor in it. 
  • Film Studies - Love watching movies but then I remembered that I don't need to take a class to watch movies, I can watch them on my own time. It might teach me how to better appreciate certain movies but there are plenty of resources out there that will help me do that. 
  • Creative Writing - Getting better at writing is about practice. I can practice for free. That's what this site if for. 


Autumn Semester 2015

  • 3 Design Classes - Fun
  • 1 CSE Class - Java
  • 1 Film Editing Class - Just want to learn some basics.
  • Boxing - No hard punching :(, but, mostly, I just want to get good at jump-roping. I have no rhythm. 
  • Flag Football - Didn't get to play football in high school, it's my favorite sport to watch, and it's good exercise.

Spring Semester 2016

  • 2 Design Classes - Complete the minor
  • 1 CSE Class - Hope to have a pretty good grasp of Java after this.
  • 1 Economics of Sports Class - Really interested in the financial side of sports which dictates so much of the success (Patriots) or failure (Browns) of a franchise.
  • 2 Chinese credits 
  • 1 Video Editing Class (?) - Don't know if I'll have time.
  • 1 Judo Class - No punching each other in boxing but maybe they'll let us throw each other in Judo? When watching MMA, I've always been more impressed with the take downs and the holds than anything.
  • 1 Volleyball Class - Volleyball is just a good, lifelong sport. Plus it will be good to be able to know a thing or two about it in case I have a daughter who wants to play. Although, I think I'd prefer her to learn soccer or tennis. Vball shorts are a bit... scandalous... Plus, she'll probably be at a height disadvantage. 
  • Social Dance - Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango. I'd fail at Hip Hop but I'd love to be able to dance (well) with my wife at our wedding or take her waltzing XD. Love this scene, by the way. 

Other fun classes I considered:

  • Podcasting - Want to start a podcast with Pat just for fun. Think this would be a good way to learn the basics.
  • Fencing - Sounds cool but it's hard to see me ever having an opportunity to apply these skills ever again in my life.
  • Badminton - Fun, but, again, too niche to spend substantial time getting good at it.
  • Rock Climbing - Really like climbing but I can already climb the climbing walls and I don't see myself going out and scaling actual cliffs. 
  • Ice Skating/Ice Hockey - Learning how to ice skate would be cool. 
  • Racquetball - Most likely wont have access to racquetball courts after OSU. Plus, I can just join Racquetball club if I want to play.
  • Soccer - Hmm.
  • Tennis - This is Pat's sport.
  • Riflery/Archery - Both sounded cool at first but I think the fun would run out pretty fast.