Whatever you need me to do, I will do. If I don't know how, I will learn how.

No matter how intelligent, no matter how educated, no one can know everything. A person's capacity to learn is what sets him apart.

I am resourceful and inquisitive. I will find the answer, I will learn the skill I need to use to do my job well. My interests are broad, I don't have a passion in any one particular field. Rather, my passion is to excel in whatever I am required to do. My passion is to take pride in my work and always find ways to improve it.

I know how much I don't know.  So I know how much more room there is to improve. I will get better and I will be useful. 


Joshua Yen is a recent graduate from The Ohio State University.


His studies include UI/UX design and heuristic evaluation, HCI, and the influence of the various channels of modern communication and its interaction with the marketability of brand and product.